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Ground School Training for your Aeroplane licence is carried out on a one to one basis using the latest up-to-date training aids and materials. We apply a structured and constructive approach covering all of the subject material for the current syllabus for all Pilot theoretical knowledge exams.

PPL Ground School exams

We will help you gain the knowledge required to pass your PPL Ground School.

PPL e-Exams

Students can register for for the latest PPL e-Exams on the CAA portal.

Flight Radio Telephony Operators Licence (FRTOL)

We can provide training and testing for the CAA Radiotelephony Licence.


Most of our customers come to us after recommendations from friends or Flight instructors who have trained with us in the past, or have past students who have trained here. We have trained Pilots who have gone on to work as Flight Crew with major UK and Worldwide airlines. Some of our students have also qualified as aviation instructors both in Flying Training and Ground School, working Worldwide.

Trusted Training Since 1980

Our courses include:- R/T / UK PPL(A).

PPL Groundschool

The 9 subjects are Air Law, Operational Proceedures, Navigation, Meteorology, Flight Planning and Performance, Communications, Aircraft General Knowledge, Principles of Flight and Human Performance. The amount of time on each subject depends on several things such as prior study, previous knowledge of the subject, (ie, If Renewing a Lapsed Licence) flying experience (ie, if converting a foreign licence or converting to/from Helicopters) etc but as a general rule the "lengthy" subjects, such as Met and Nav take 2 days and the "smaller" ones, such as Law, Comms, R/T a day, or so.

Private Pilots Licence

Tuition and examination for UK Private Pilots Licence groundschool.

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